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Wisconsin Summer Fun "Hacks" and Adventures

We write a lot about heady subjects like credit and financial service, but no one says a used car blog has to be all business and no play. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorite spots to stay cool this summer and beat the heat. As always, we're keeping an eye towards cost and practicality, as we realize not everyone can go out and splurge on a Wisconsin Dells package or fancy kayaking trips to the Apostle Islands. So, we're "hacking" our way to a cheap--but still super fun--summer vaction. Join us!

Where to Stay Cool During the State's Hottest Months

1. Pewit's Nest in Baraboo, WI is one of our top choices for affordable summer fun, and one of the best ways to beat back the heat. As classic as they come, Pewit's is a popular swimming hole that draws people of all ages and sizes and is the perfect destination if you're looking for a place full of nooks and crannies to explore and cool off.

2. Big Manitou Falls shares all the attractive points of a day at Pewit's but is even better for those who just want to spend a lazy day chasing waterfalls. As Wisconsin's tallest waterfall, Big Manitou dives into the Black River and has stunning views of Pattison State Park. Load up the kids, call grandma, and bring your hiking shoes cuz it's watefall chasing time!


3. Maybe outdoorsy adventures aren't your speed, and the call of central air conditioning usually keeps you glued to your couch until the fireflies come out. We totally feel you. Sometimes all this Vitamin D can be a bit much. For those of you looking for alternatives to the great outdoors, but who feel compelled to embrace the few days of warm weather we get, we have a simple solution: drive-ins. Yep, that staple of your youth (or your parent's youth) is still alive and well in Wisconsin. Take in a talkie at the Highway 18 Outdoor Theater, or discover drive-ins near you at the Travel Wisconsin blog.

4. Dreaming of  DIY that doesn't require a day's drive with the whole family stuffed together in the car? Hook up your hose, grab a few large rocks from around the yard (or insulate your slide with noodles for a safer sliding experience) head to your local hardware store for some heavy plastic (we recommend budgeting $25-30). Lay out the plastic in your yard, and secure the corners with the rocks or noodles. Tent stakes can also work in a pinch. Crank up the hose, splash a little baby soap on the plastic to slick things up, and tell the neighbors they're on snack duty.

5. When all else fails, one of the best (maybe our favorite?) ways to cool down is a trip to our local ice cream parlor. Culver's is pretty darn great too.

Wherever your summer takes you, remember that fun doesn't have to cost a thing, that some of the best ideas are the one you dream up with good pals, and summer only lasts so long in Wisconsin--so don't wait to take your crack at a rip roaring good time this year.

Got some cheap, fun ways to pass away the time this summer? Share your favorite summer "hacks" in the comments section.

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