The Official Blog of Easton Motors

The Official Blog of Easton Motors

Easton Motors of Baraboo

Posted on Mar 16, 2016 5:37:37 PM by Lori Faul in Insider, in Easton Motors News, in Wisconsin Auto, in Savvy Shoppers, in Easton Motors Locations

Dealership Spotlight: Easton Motors of Baraboo

As the ground begins to thaw around the state of Wisconsin, we want to take some time to introduce each Easton Motors dealership, and share a little bit about how each location operates, including giving you auto financing tips from our team of finance specialists and branch managers, plus give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive at one of our lots.

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Join Us for Family Fest In La Crosse!

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 9:37:15 AM by Admin in Insider

La Crosse Family Fest 2016

Back again and billed as "Western Wisconsin's biggest and best family event," Family Fest 2016 will be loads of fun for you and the kids. The event, which is free to the public, directly benefits the Hunger Task Force, and you're encouraged to bring non-perishable goods for donation, if you'd like to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the Village Shopping Center.

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Used Car Deal at Easton Motors

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 3:52:05 PM by Admin in Insider

Let Us Buy Your Turkey--and All the Trimings...

From November 16 through November 21, 2015, we're giving away $250 gift cards to Cabela's and Walmart with all vehicle purchases. 

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Do I Need a Co Signer for a Car?

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 5:09:29 PM by Admin in Insider, in Wisconsin Car Financing

What's a Co-Signer for a Car--And Do I Need One?

Not everyone who purchases a car--whether new or used--will need to have a co-signer. At Easton Motors, we cover this topic in our FAQ sheet, but recognize that each car dealership will have its own rules and regulations about who needs what for their credit application and car loan approval.

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The Budgetnista

Posted on Oct 20, 2015 5:04:59 PM by Admin in Insider, in Poor Credit, in Budgeting, in Credit Score Savvy

Savvy Budgeting Tips From The Budgetnista

We're a big fan of the blogger / writer / public speaker The Budgetnista. If you're looking for ways to jumpstart your family or personal budgeting, and haven't already given her a gander, we highly encourage you to check her out.

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Why Buy Here Pay Here

Posted on Sep 3, 2015 10:43:36 AM by Admin in Insider, in Buy Here Pay Here, in Paying Back Debt, in Car Loan Interest, in Buying Used Car

Why choose to do business with a Buy Here Pay Here dealer? The reasons might not always be obvious, and in times of fluid loans, it can be incredibly tempting to go whole hog on a new car from your typical car dealership. But if you have bad credit, then there are critical differences between traditional car sales, and a BHPH dealership and finance center. Paying attention to the differences could mean the difference between rebuilding your credit, and sinking further into debt.

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Car Calculators: Go Crunch the Numbers

Posted on Sep 1, 2015 11:30:45 AM by Admin in Insider, in Car Loan Interest, in car payment

Interest calculators have long been the rage for Wisconsin's auto market, and throughout the country, but when it comes to providing you with rock solid financial guidance do they tell the whole story?

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Why Financing From An Independent Car Dealer My Save Your Life

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 12:46:55 PM by Admin in Insider, in Buy Here Pay Here, in Poor Credit, in Best Credit Practices, in Buying Used Car, in subprime credit

Okay, so maybe the title is a bit dramatic, but we take car finances pretty seriously around here, and make it our job to learn and evaluate trends in the automotive industry. So, while we know plenty of folks who have had great success buying a car from a franchise car dealership, we've seen enough of the hard numbers to know that that's not always the best route for a lot of people--and can ultimately cause great financial disasters and financial stress.

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I Have All the Cash. Should I Get a Car at Easton Motors?

Posted on Aug 20, 2015 4:40:00 PM by Admin in Insider, in Buy Here Pay Here, in Approval, in Poor Credit, in Rebuilding Your Credit, in Money: Do's & Don'ts, in Easton Motors News

Hey there! Yes, you! The one with all the cash poking out of your pockets. 

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How to Use Payday Loans Without Getting Cheated

Posted on Aug 20, 2015 3:30:00 PM by Admin in Insider, in Poor Credit, in Loan Repayment, in Credit Score Savvy, in Financial Mistakes, in Common Financial Mistakes, in subprime credit

Simple. By steering clear of them altogether.

Payday loans often require interest payments in the triple digits, and lawmakers in some states are actually trying to get rid of them altogether. Their reasoning? In many cases, there are no legal limits on how many personal payday loans a person can take out, leading to an aggressive debt cycle and increased predatory lending.

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