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Productivity Apps That Work

January is the time for resolutions and new beginnings; a time to restart the clock on all the bad habits we developed in year before, or to renew the good ones we made. While time continues to blow by, our days pile up with appointments and obligations, to-do lists and projects, and a myiad of other things that can often bury us, leaving us with very little excitement for yet another year. But where modernity taketh away, it also giveth--most notably in the form of productivity apps that help us manage our lives, and live more fully than we might without them.

Here, we examine a few productivity apps we like, and think you might too.

Evernote Quick Review

Evernote has long been the go-to app for writers and researchers, and a host of creative types. But as the app continues to develop new intruments for organizing all of our knowledge, it becomes more useful for those who need to sort everyday activities, functions, and responsibilities. Create task lists, set up goals and timelines for projects, and even collaborate with others on the app. It also synchs with all your mobile and smart devices so you can access your information from anywhere.

Slack Quick Review

Slack is ideal if you have freelance projects, or are starting a small business. It allows you to communicate with a large team on distinct channels, and you can upload documents (including PDFs) for quick review from those you're collaborating with. At it's best, it helps you cut back on dreaded back-and-forth emails, and has a great search function in case you forget who sent what to whom and when. 


1-Password Quick Review

1-Password is basically exactly like it sounds: like the Lord of the Rings, there's just one password to rule them all. Download the app, set up your account, and the 1-Password will remember all of your online accounts for you. 

Dropbox Quick Review

You can store most of your life on this thing, including PDFs, digital files, and those pics from Cabo you only want certain people to see. Your account can sync up with all your devices, so no matter where you go, you've got everything at your fingertips. Like most of the recommendations on this list, the app starts free, but you can pay a small fee to get more features or storage.

We hope these recommendations help make 2016 your most orderly yet! If you use any of these apps, please sound off in the comments about your experience!

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