The Official Blog of Easton Motors

The Official Blog of Easton Motors

Hey there! Yes, you! The one with all the cash poking out of your pockets. 

You look good. And we're very excited for you. We hope you spend all that dough wisely. Maybe send us something pretty from the Eiffel Tower gift shop, or Ceasar's Palace.

But here's the thing: if you're looking for a car, and you have a lot of money, you probably don't need us.


See, we're for the guys and gals who haven't (yet) struck gold, or cleaned up at the casino, or locked in that dream job with the great salary and benefits. 

We're here for the little guy, the moms and dads who need a bank to take a risk on them, the new driver who maybe doesn't have a credit card yet, the student who needs to get to class, and the small business owner who's becoming her own boss. We're here for people who have been through a divorce, or seen their income drop, or just want to start building up their credit score. 

We're honored that all you high-rollers come to us, but we're focused on, and passionate about, helping people who have fallen on hard times, or are in the middle of rebuilding their financial health.

Afterall, we're a bank that just happens to have used cars. 

If you're in need of a bad credit car loan, please come see us today. Easton Motors has locations all over Wisconsin to better serve you, and we're committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.


And the rest of you Daddy Warbuckses out there? Let us know your secret to success sometime, okay?

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