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I-90 Road Construction In 2016

UPDATE: If you're trying to get to Easton Motors of West Salem this summer, please take special care and visit our driving directions on how to get to us hassle-free from La Crosse and around I-90.

Summer is the start of a lot of wonderful things in our part of the country, whether it's baseball games, family gatherings, trips to the lake, or just generally enjoying the sunshine (which can sometimes feel so rare!). But summer also invites a deluge of road closures and construction, and if you're a business owner in Wisconsin--big or small--or someone who's told Amazon to keep it's money--you're shopping local--you've probably cursed our recent spat of construction on Interstate 90 and Highway 16. Maybe more than once.

Road construction is a necessary evil of living in a functioning civil society, and at the end of the day, new roads and better entrances and exits make our lives more pleasant.

And plus: who says you have to be bored in the middle of construction back-up? Here, we list ways to beat back the bulldozing blues until it's your turn to proceed with caution...

Tips for Surviving Summer Road Construction

  • Pack an emergency stack of snacks in your car. Any good survival tactic involves having the right supplies, and if you ask us, having a few pieces of jerky, some fresh fruits, or some nuts, helps us keep the "hangry" monsters at bay.
  • Stock up on quality podcasts. There's a lot of great content out there right now. iTunes makes one-stop-shopping easy, and just about every podcast out there is free (though some do offer perks for listeners who donate).
  • Make a list of local restaurants, boutiques, shops, or organizations you want to support financially, or with your time. For every minute you're stuck in traffic, consider donating a minute of time or $1 to their next fundraiser.
  • Be kind. Nobody ever got anywhere fast (or safe) by being a jerk. Racing to a stoplight or makeshift stop sign doesn't save you time, but it will tick off or potentially endanger other drivers or construction crews.
  • Make sure your car is running at peak performance. Breaking down in the middle of a construction zone is not pleasant, and can cause added delays. Check your tire pressure, make sure your oil is fresh and isn't leaking, and make sure you're getting regularly scheduled maintenance from your local repair shop.


As always, in the case of road closures and traffic patterns, we highly recommend keeping local news outlets handy, including pre-setting your radio, following businesses on social media, and craking open an old fashioned newspaper once in a while.

Got any pro-tips for Wisconsin drivers on I-90 this summer? Sound off in the comments section!

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