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Raise your hand if you like going to the DMV. How about the post office during the holidays? Calling your Internet provider during an outage? Yeah, us neither. If there's one thing that drives us nuts it's having to wait for things that are important or vital to our well-being or quality of life. Long lines and busy signals can hold up our entire day, and force us to alter our schedules--which is why when it comes to how we do business, we're pretty picky about making sure we streamline your credit application as much as possible. 

Because we realize you're busy and juggling lots of different responsibilities during the day, we've provided a simple checklist that tells you exactly what you need to have when you sit down with our finance specialists. After filling out our online credit application, a finance specialist from your preferred Easton Motors location will call you to set up an in-person appointment where you'll finish the financing process, test drive your matched vehicles, and make your selection. We hope this checklist is easy to use, and that it helps speed up your approval time.

Okay--Sounds Good, But Seriously: How Long Will It Take to be Approved?


If your paper work is in order, your references are lined up, and you have your proof of employement ready to go, you approval can be as fast as same day "sign and drive." In fact, we prefer to make the application process as simple as possible, because we know that having reliable transportation can be the difference between keeping your job and...not. So, we want to get you up and rolling as fast as we can.

Common causes of delays include 1) not having your references in order, 2) missing proof of income, 3) lost driver's license, or 4) having your down payment ready to go, if applicable.

If your online credit application or in-person approval has been held up because of any of these issues, we encourage you to use the checklist toward your advantage to ensure the greatest chance of signing and driving in hours and not days.

So, the answer to your question comes down to this: how serious to you want to rebuild your credit and get a car? Only you can answer that question, but know that we're waiting and ready to help you along the entire financing process from the minute you browse our used car inventory, to when you leave our dealership with keys in your pocket.

Let me take your 4-question survey

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