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In Part I of our series, we'll visit one of the key ways you can improve your chances of getting a car with bad credit. This series is designed for anyone who's trying to finance a car with bad credit, or even first-time car buyers who haven't yet had time to build their credit.

There are many ways to get a car with bad credit, and rebuilding your credit in general, is an important life goal. A good credit score opens you up to many more lending opportunities, and even lower interest rates.


But what if you're in a credit rut? And you need transportation. And you need it yesterday. What hope can there be of getting a car?

The odds are actually better than you think--if you're patient, and objective about what kind of cars you can afford, and which ones are more appropriate to buy when your credit's back on the right path.

So what's one of the very best ways to get a car with bad credit? 

Prove your employment. Bad credit lenders are much more likely to loan you money for a car if you can show that you have income coming in. And, of course, a car increases the likelihood that you'll have steady and reliable transportation to and from work--and, therefore, steady income that supports all your financial responsibilities. 

What does employment proof look like? It could be the two most recent pay stubs from your employer; it could be a job offer letter. Any sort of official documentation tying you to steady income will be one of the single most persuasive items toward getting a car with poor credit.

But...what if lack of employment is keeping you from getting a car? At Easton Motors, we have lots of different ways of telling whether or not you're right for our finance program--but don't rely on our tools for your fate. 

I could use some tips on getting a job


Note: on this blog, we'll always advise working with a car dealership and lender who report your good payment behavior back to the major credit bureaus. There's no point to financing a car, only to see all your faithful reimbursements count for nothing.


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