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Wisconsin doesn't crack the Top 10 Highest or Lowest lists, but there's something to be said for its place as "somewhere in the middle." Wisconsin has plenty of high density areas (like Madison, Milwaukee, and Green Bay) where commutes are typically more urban and short, mixed in with plenty of rural and suburban driving. States that see the highest number of leases are typically those with great manufacturer incentives--like Michigan--and those that boast lots of "urban jungles," like New York and even Texas. And places like Arkansas and Utah make for some of the worst states for leasing due to the large swath of highway in between major industries, as well as a lack of large urban centers.


When deciding between financing a lease or financing an outright purchase, keep in mind that leases are optimal if you have steady employment that doesn't require a long commute. Drivers who lease and then change jobs often find themselves in the tricky position of trying to reconcile employment with mileage restrictions; leasing also may not be the best option for those who take one or two large road trips a year. On the other hand, if you plan on driving a limited amount of miles, and live in an area of Wisconsin that offers alternate transportation, leasing might be a great option for you.

How do YOU get to work?

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