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Interest calculators have long been the rage for Wisconsin's auto market, and throughout the country, but when it comes to providing you with rock solid financial guidance do they tell the whole story?

Like most tools on the internet--especially financial tools--car calculators are only useful if you're entering in entirely complete and truthful data, and even then, should only be used as an estimate for what your furture car payments and total cost will be. If you're depending on a loan calculator to spit out the complete financial picture, you may be in for a surprise.


Instead of relying on a car loan calculator to do all the heavy financial lifting during your vehicle search, consider treating this handy tool as a rough guide, and less of the "gospel truth." And, for a more complete overview of how much your vehicle purchase will cost over time, ask to schedule a meeting with your auto loan finance company. Not only do they have better tools at their disposal, but they'll be able to spot savings, recommend healthy credit strategies, and be able to guide you in the right direction depedning on your overall credit health and credit goals.

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