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Let's face it: life gets busy, and Friday nights creep up faster than you can say TGIF. But those Taco Bell wrappers and empty Gatorade bottles aren't going to throw themselves away.


Sure, we talk a lot about car finances around here, but we also happen to love cars, and there are few things in life that make us happier than a date night in a clean set of wheels. What better way to show your special someone that you care than taking them out for a night out on the town that doesn't leave them thinking, "I really liked him--but what's rotting in his trunk?"

So here are some quick, cheap, down and dirty car cleaning hacks to get your ride in tip top shape for date night.

1. Distilled vinegar is an effective and really inexpensive cleaner. Mix with water, spritz around your dash, steering wheel, hard surfaces, and especially the windows for a shine unlike any other.

2. Ditch the decorative air freshner. Unless you're into 1990s fads, get rid of that "Fresh Pine!" scented tree dangling obnoxiously from your rearview mirror.Grab some baking soda from the house; put a generous helping into a plastic container. Poke some holes in the lid, and insert the container under your driver's seat. Voila! You are a car cleaning wizard!

3. Use a nail file or tweezers to get gunk out of hard to reach spots. Because no body likes gunk.

4. Shake out your floor mats. Cost: LITERALLY $0. Effect: EVERYTHING.

5. Grab old rags from around your house, or tear up worn towels or t-shirts instead of using paper towels. Apply your powerful vinegar + water combo and get to work.

Put those bad boys through the wash, and use 'em for your second date.

6. This one goes without saying but: throw away all trash (especially that apple core that's rotting underneath the passenger's seat), and take any important stuff (clothes, paper work, possessions) into the house.

7. Have we mentioned that distilled vinegar is also an awesome disinfectant? Wipe down your steering wheel and gear shifter. Your immune system will thank you.

8. Don't pay someone else to wash your car--take your quarters to the nearest self-service station, roll up your sleeves, and get to washing. In most parts of Wisconsin, $5 will be the difference between a second date and never hearing from your date again.

9. Put the finishing touches on with olive oil. Slather it on your tires, steering wheel, and other surfaces for a slick shine. Don't believe us? Check this out.

10. Keep some gum handy at all times. Who says you can't be as fresh as your car?

It's Monday. You now have no excuses. Get out there and clean your car! 

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